May’s Bonus Clues

Registered Participants will be eligible to receive four bonus clues in May, one each week starting May 1st.

Clues and special identification passes will be sent to all registered participants. ID will be required at each food destination as proof of registration.

May’s Bonus Clues:

  • May Bonus Clues are an opportunity to gain additional points prior to Race Day.
  • All team members are required to participate in the task or be in the establishment with their team during the task.
  • Have a team name and shout it out on social media!
  • Race Participants will have from Sunday through Saturday to solve that week’s clue, visit the food location and perform the task required by the venue. Task and clue expires at midnight on Saturday of the week it was issued.
  • Non registered participants have until Saturday midnight to register to be eligible to participate in that weeks bonus clue. Those registering after midnight on Saturday will not be allowed to participate until the next bonus clue is released.
  • Participants can not complete clues after they expire. No points will be issued for clues or tasks completed after expiry and food destinations are asked to not honour the task once expired.Each bonus clue and task the participant completes in May (up to 4) will be counted as 2 bonus points each to be applied and confirmed by the Culinary Race Organizing Team to their overall score on Race day (for a total of 8).

Additional information will with specific details will be sent to participants who have registered for the race.



Meet The Team – Food Mamma

lettuceFareen may very well be one of the last remaining born and raised Calgarians still living in Calgary. This original Calgarian has watched the food scene grow and explode in recent years with a strong farm to table focus and many talented chefs calling our city home.

From supporting local businesses at food events around town to cooking with her kids at home, Fareen enjoys sharing her love of food with everyone and brings this enthusiasm to the team.

About Fareen:

A wife, mom of two boys and blogger over at, this Food Mamma loves to blog about food, family, travel and life.

While not running after her 2 and 7 year old or puttering around in the kitchen, Fareen works on various web, social media and event/conference projects.

Follow Fareen’s adventures here:

Twitter/Instagram: @fareenjj



Social Media Breakfast #smbyyc75

Today we were invited by SMByyc’s Donna McTaggart to speak about and promote the Culinary Race at the Social Media Breakfast Meeting or SMByyc for short. What is a Social Media Breakfast? Well it starts as a conversation. This conversation carries on throughout the morning between presenters at the meeting, volunteers, attendees and on twitter with both those in attendance and many following along from different Cities. The meetings are so popular the hashtags trend in Canada during breakfast.

Meetings are monthly at revolving locations and include guest speakers who share their experience and expertise. There is always an opportunity to network with a community of like-minded individuals. SMByyc connects the local thought leaders with social media practitioners.

It takes a village to make SMByyc happen and the proceeds from today’s breakfast meeting went to the University of Calgary’s campaign to assist Syrian refugees called the Syrian Refugee Fund. <– Click on the link to learn more about how you can help this great cause.

Donna has grown the social media breakfast into a much anticipated event every month and tickets tend to sellout within hour of being posted. To learn more about social media breakfast check out their website or follow them on twitter @smbyyc.

Thank you to Donna for allowing us to share the details of our race. Check out the hashtags below on twitter to see the many thoughts and photos from today’s meeting.

#smbyyc75 #fakegreenplant #UCalgary50



team wanda and merry
Race Organizers Wanda & Merry at #smbyyc75

Meet The Team – Merry About Town

baconMerry and I have known each other for quite a few years. We first met at one of her Calgary Blogger Meet-Ups at ARCHEloft (formerly Endeavor Arts). I was just starting to network as a blogger looking to meet some like minded folk.

Merry and I starting working together in 2015 when I asked her to join YYC Pizza Week. It was one of the best choices I made in 2015 as Merry brought an incredible amount of experience, enthusiasm and knowledge in events and community to the team. Merry has since become a managing partner of YYC Pizza Week and someone you want to have working with you.

A lifestyle, travel and food blogger at Merry About Town, Merry’s blog shares real life stories about love, fun, recipes, parenting, challenges and all things Calgary.

More About Merry:

Merry Kuchle claims foodie, blogger and mom as just a few of her titles. Since moving to Calgary in 2004, she’s made supporting local and becoming a part of the Calgary community a priority. You can read all her foodie and travel adventures over on and on the follow social media channels:

Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram at @Merry120

Culinary Race – The Fun Stuff

You’re reading this, you’re wondering what a Culinary Race is and you’re wondering what you can expect. Well, let me give you some details. I’m going to be covering some of the more practical aspects of the race as we get closer to the date but let me tell you some of the things you might get a chance to do if you participate.

First be prepared to have fun! The race is a scavenger hunt across Calgary, Amazing Race style, except without the weird eating tasks. At the beginning of the day you are given your list of clues. Then it’s up to you to figure out where you will be going. And unlike the Amazing Race, you are allowed to use your phone to help by using Google and maps and whatever else you need to help you get where you need to go. And we strongly encourage you to use that phone throughout the day to Tweet or Instagram out what you are doing.

Some of the places you go will be new, like I had never been to the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant down south before. Who knew they made such good cookies!

Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant
Learning something about Calgary history and eating cookies at Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant.


And some places you’ll have to work a little to get your points. But there’s nothing wrong with cutting cheese, or shucking an oyster for the first time. That’s a part of the fun.

Springbank Cheese Company
Testing your measuring and cutting skills at Springbank Cheese Company.
Oyster Shucking at Billingsgate
Learning a new skill at Billingsgate, oyster shucking!

Some places may even test your palate. Like would you be able to identify tea by name if you tasted it?

The Tea Factory
Some of the tea flavours you can find at The Tea Factory.

And best of all? You get to eat food, all day! Every stop you go to will either give you something to eat or have a little bite for you to enjoy before you run off to the next place.

Raw Bar
Delicious and beautiful painted chocolate bars from Raw Bar.
80th &amp; Ivy
A literal dine and dash at 80th & Ivy with a Mocktail and mini Arancini.

So what do you think? Fun right! What are you waiting for, it’s time to buy your tickets and sign up! And for all you early birds we’ll be offering some clues before the race for bonus points. We can’t wait to see you all there.