Meet The Team – Heather’s EATS

tomatoHeather has participated in food related treasure hunts in the past and brings this knowledge and experience to the team.

A well known blogger, writer and food lover in Calgary, Heather is a passionate team member who will be sharing her past treasure hunting experiences with us over the next couple of weeks, and quite possibly be giving some insight on how to play the game.

Watch for posts from Heather for possible insider tips!

About Heather:

Heather loves everything from a perfectly brewed cup of coffee to an eight course tasting menu with wine pairings. She enjoys sharing this with her husband, her son, family and friends. Nothing makes her happier than a good meal in the company of friends.

You can read about her adventures at Heather’s EATS, Eating and Tasting Stories,, and follow her on social media:

Facebook: Heathers Eating and Tasting Stories

Twitter: @heathers_eats

Instagram: @heathers_eats


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