Social Media Breakfast #smbyyc75

Today we were invited by SMByyc’s Donna McTaggart to speak about and promote the Culinary Race at the Social Media Breakfast Meeting or SMByyc for short. What is a Social Media Breakfast? Well it starts as a conversation. This conversation carries on throughout the morning between presenters at the meeting, volunteers, attendees and on twitter with both those in attendance and many following along from different Cities. The meetings are so popular the hashtags trend in Canada during breakfast.

Meetings are monthly at revolving locations and include guest speakers who share their experience and expertise. There is always an opportunity to network with a community of like-minded individuals. SMByyc connects the local thought leaders with social media practitioners.

It takes a village to make SMByyc happen and the proceeds from today’s breakfast meeting went to the University of Calgary’s campaign to assist Syrian refugees called the Syrian Refugee Fund. <– Click on the link to learn more about how you can help this great cause.

Donna has grown the social media breakfast into a much anticipated event every month and tickets tend to sellout within hour of being posted. To learn more about social media breakfast check out their website or follow them on twitter @smbyyc.

Thank you to Donna for allowing us to share the details of our race. Check out the hashtags below on twitter to see the many thoughts and photos from today’s meeting.

#smbyyc75 #fakegreenplant #UCalgary50



team wanda and merry
Race Organizers Wanda & Merry at #smbyyc75

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