Meet Our Sponsors: Lakeview Bakery

Lakeview Bakery

Lakeview Bakery has been providing Calgary with delicious and nutritious breads, buns and desserts for the past 24 years. As a Culinary Race Sponsor, they are pleased to offer products for special diets with consistently tasty options.

They carry a variety of choices, including gluten-free, low-carb, diabetic, organic, dairy-free, yeast-free and egg-free baked goods and have a dedicated Gluten Free bakery in the South.

Lakeview Bakery also carries other products including snacks, pasta, crackers, chocolates and some hard to find European imported products. Organic choices include Spelt, Kamut and Stoneground bread, buns, bagels and pizza shells.

Recipes are developed and perfected in house by our dedicated and talented team. If you are looking for fresh baked goods that meet your dietary requirements give us a call or stop by for a visit.


  • Lakeview Bakery is located in the community of Lakeview at the end of Crowchild Trail SW,  just before you enter North Glenmore Park.
  • Our second location, Lakeview on 90th opened 5 years ago to meet the demand for gluten free baking. 90th is located in Oakridge and carries only gluten free products and has no gluten on the premises.

Lakeview Bakery:  phone 403-246-6127    fax 403-246-6609

Lakeview on 90th: phone 403-457-3555    fax 403-457-3556

Twitter: @LakeviewBakery 

Facebook: Lakeview Bakery  &  Lakeview on 90th Gluten-Free 




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