Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners

An event is only as good as it’s team, sponsors and partners.

In our first year we saw over 100 teams participate and visit close to 50 participating food destinations want to be involved.

We introduced bonus clues and a charity partner.

Thank you

We’d like to Thank everyone involved in making the Culinary Race 2016 such a success.

Can’t wait for 2017!


Culinary Race Clues & Answers

Culinary Race Clue List with Answers

  1. This restaurants logo consists of an irrational mathematical constant. You can also find buck-a-shuck oysters every single day. Full Circle Pizza & Oyster Bar
  1. The name of this location is a general term for a Korean food consumed with alcohol. Anju
  1. What is the nickname for the Italian National Soccer Team. Same name as destination. Azzurri – Azzurri Pizza
  1. Find sauces and spices like brander guts barbecue sauce at this Calgary location in the North. Barbecues Galore
  1. This Calgary-based Chocolatier uses only chocolate made with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa and cocoa butter in their recipes. Visit their ‘Stampede’ location where one of their four Master Chocolatiers will guide you through the challenging steps to create your very own little chocolate masterpiece. Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut by Cococo Chocolatiers
  1. Premium Beer, Addictive Pizza and Rock & Roll. This destination has been around since 1991 and is run by the Lanigan family. Beer Revolution | Brewsters
  1. Which wine store in Mission is part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts family of companies. Bin 905
  1. If you roll two sixes in Craps, you’ll find us in Victoria Park playing a board game or two. Box Car Cafe
  1. This location is known for their legendary steak sandwich served right off the grill. Carriage House
  1. This local shop serves a very unique coffee brewing technique called Siphon. In fact, it is the only coffee house in Calgary serving Siphon Coffee. Hint: They are located near the river front. Cafe Blanca
  1. A happy confluence of coffee, bread and grilled eats. You’ll want to navigate thru construction and streets. Along the Bow through the Village’s 40 and a half acres. You’ll meet the butcher, the baker and the coffee maker. As history surrounds you, you’ll wonder what to do. Head to the second floor and we’ll give you your task. (SUPER CLUE 3 POINTS) Charbar | Phil & Sebastian | Sidewalk Citizen
  1. The place to drink a cold beer in an Alley Container. Container Bar
  1. This ‘Co.’ started out a haven for hungry bibliophiles, but has grown over the last 30 years to become a hub for all things culinary! Housed in a historic building book-ended by a wine store and a patisserie, this class-y joint is a truly a one-stop gastronomic shop. Cookbook Co.
  1. This market style restaurant is known for its unique environment and “card system”. Upon arrival, each diner gets a card that they can use to order straight from the chefs at the different food boutiques and then get their meals served at the table. Cravings
  1. Was voted 12 pies to try during YYC Pizza Week cause they put pancetta and an egg on it, any location. Famoso
  1. This location created two unique flavours to help rebuild the Calgary Zoo after they suffered significant damages from the flood. Fiasco Gelato
  1. When the NWMP built their fort at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers in 1875, they laid the foundations for the city we enjoy today. Hint: Look for the windmill (your task is not inside). Fort Calgary
  1. A family business since 1977 that has a Dutch heritage and is known for their cheese buns. Glamorgan Bakery
  1. Who was the Alberta Provincial Winner for the 2014 Saputo Pizza Hall Of Fame. Gordo’s Pizza
  1. This restaurant is located at the gates of a popular attraction. Drinks on the menu reflect what’s behind the gates. Why not enjoy a Famous 5 Martini, a Railway Rush or Selkirk Sapphire on the beautiful patio. Note: pay parking in affect, free parking for 90 minutes but must enter license plate into machines. Selkirke Grill at Heritage Park
  1. A take-out shop that focuses on ready to eat foods made with a majority of local foods from sustainable farms. Forage Foods
  1. What is sweet, delicious, local and named after our mayor? This destination was also featured on You Gotta Eat Here! Jelly Modern Doughnuts
  1. Find Calgary’s tiniest coffee shop within the historic YWCA Kaffeeklastch
  1. Community liaison for beer and beer culture in Calgary Last Best Brewing & Distilling
  1. This location carries a wide selection of gluten-free dry goods, including hard to find European imports and are known for their innovative recipes and amazing pie. Lakeview Bakery
  1. Spring westward (West 85th) to a place where “you’ve got it Made” and today you’ll be making your own healthy snack. Made Foods
  1. The owner of this location is known as Calgary’s Oyster Man. This location is also the exclusive retailer for 7K Ranch Grass-fed and finished Longhorn Beef. Meta4Foods
  1. I recently was awarded the 9th place in Avenue Magazine’s top 10 best new restaurants in 2015 (should have read 10 Best New Restaurants Calgary 2016). One 18 Empire
  1. This Calgary establishment serves good honest food. Our Daily Brett
  1. This Calgary food destination offers a Rodizio experience. Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse
  1. This Calgary destination offers bee house building and terrarium making workshops Plant Terrariums
  1. 1985 Piaggio ape Calgary (our bar) (location opens at 11am). PZA Pizza Parlour
  1. Top Calgary Restaurant celebrating 25 years of local, sustainable and seasonal cuisine. (4 POINTS) River Cafe
  1. This house has oysters. (location opens at 10am) Rodney’s Oyster House
  1. This quaint shop is a delight for the eyes. Savour Fine Foods
  1. The name of this Calgary destination is a word that can be defined by Japanese dictionaries as ‘craftsman’, ‘artisan or mastery of one’s profession”? Shokunin
  1. This family owned company has farms in Acme, meat processing in Trochu and nine retail locations in Calgary and Edmonton. Visit the west location below their head office. Sunterra Market
  1. Why is a raven like a writing desk? We haven’t the slightest idea! But you and the Mad Hatter will find all your tea party needs at this trader’s shop in Calgary’s oldest neighbourhood. Tea Trader
  1. This retail outpost is home to Calgary-based companies CoutuKitsch and Camp Brand Goods. The Livery Shop
  1. Your senses come alive at this location – it’s where you find Urfa Biber in Calgary. Silk Roads Spice Merchant
  1. Find a fresh variety of artisan style tortillas and salsa in Calgary at this destination. Tres Marias Mexican Food Market
  1. The only cafe in Calgary that sells Veggitos. Veg In YYC
  1. This new kid satisfies anyone’s sweet tooth on hot summer days at this new Marda Loop block. Village Ice Cream
  1. Where can you find organic juices, smoothies, elixirs and treats in the WILD urban jungle of YYC. Wild & Raw Superfood & Juice Bar
  1. Athletes from all over the world train here year round. At a stone throw of the Performance Training Centre, unique energy fuel in the garden cafe they find. (5 POINTS) WinSport Garden Cafe with Executive Chef Liana Robberecht
  1. Bringing us back to our ROOTS: A farm to table Event featuring local food, friends, music and Mead on August 13th at Fallentimber Meadery. Hint: Find our ad on page 24 of the current City Palate. Take a picture, share it and show one of the Culinary Race Organizers to have your passport initialed. Rootstock
  1. 12 Chef Teams compete for the Divine Swine Trophy, each team creating tasty and original dishes during this annual event. Tweet the name of the festival and tag two participating businesses in the festival. Show the Culinary Race Organizers to have your passport initialed. 6th Annual Pig & Pinot Festival

Congratulations to the Culinary Race Winners!

A total of 88 points were up for grabs on Race Day. Here’s how our teams made out starting with our winners Waldorf & Statler!

Congratulations to everyone who came out and had a good time!

Team Name Grand Total
Waldorf & Statler (the crotchety Muppet critics) 72
Magically Delicious 71
Cultured YYC 68
Gordons Girls 67
Miso Hungee 65
Team Tike 64
Sushi Inu 63
Team to Beat 61
The Lunchables 58
Pop Tarts 58
Are you gonna eat your fat 58
Julia’s Child 58
Mangia Cakes 56
We Taste Food 56
Mixed Nuts 55
The Jets 55
Tequila Mocking-Birds 54
Couple of Couples 54
The Dirty Martinis 53
Slightly Forked 52
Wing Nuts 52
Games of Scones 51
Spooning Leads to Forking 49
Chez James 49
Team Sweet 49
The Spice Rack 48
Bartlett Bombers 48
Lunch Ladies 47
Escha Bitches 47
Wine Wizards 47
Spillage People 46
Bite Me 46
Women of the World 46
The Kathryns 45
Queen Bees 45
Estrogen Express 1 & 2 45
Sweet & Sour 45
Bacon & Eggs 44
Spoon & Fork 43
The Culinary Coverts 43
Oldies but Goodies 42
Team 6 Pack 42
Happy Spoons 41
Yelp 41
Peas Romaine Calm 40
Hangry Hippos 37
JJC’s 35
Shenanigans & Malarky 35
Vest Friends 35
Culinary Cowgirls 34
Fast Foodies 33
Sauerkrauts 32
Smore Than A Race 30
2 Hot Cupcakes 30
Estrogen Express Team 2 25
Hermoses 25
Take Me to Your Feeder 24
The Morsel U Know 24
I Have No Idea 22
Pink Ladies 20
Michelin Stars on Ice 12
Unknown Foodies 12
The Edible Complex 12
Strong Like Iron 12
Kitchen Swords 8
Hangry Meeefks 6
Inspire Voracity 6
Miss Steaks 6
TC2B 4
Miso Hungry 4
Wine Bullies 4




Bonus Clue Advantage: Roving Foodie Friends

We’re excited to be offering up pre-registered participants one more set of Bonus Clues on Race Day!

We have enlisted the help of four well known food friends in Calgary to be Bonus Clues during the Race. Full details will be released to participants tomorrow morning.

These four will be roving through one or more of our food destinations at different times throughout the day. If you spot one of them your task is to identify them, ask for a photo with them, share it and have them sign their bonus clue spot on your passport. Easy peasy!

Our Roving Bonus Clue Food Friends are:

John Gilchrist acrylic on wood 8x10John Gilchrist

John writes about restaurants for the Calgary Herald and reviews restaurants for CBC Radio in Calgary. He’s authored eleven National Best-Sellers and three apps on dining in southern Alberta, contributes regularly to magazines such as Swerve, enRoute, Where, Avenue, and Harry and is the Calgary judge for the Canadian Culinary Championships. He’s a member of San Pellegrino’s World’s Top Restaurants judging panel and leads culinary travel programs around the world for the University of Calgary.

But mostly he’s a hungry guy with a broad appreciation – and appetite – for well prepared food. @GilchristJohn


Julie Van Rosendaal

JulieJulie is the author of 7 best-selling cookbooks, with an eighth, Out of the Orchard, recently released. She’s one of the new generation of Best of Bridge (along with Sue Duncan and Elizabeth Chorney-Booth), with their collective first title coming out this fall. Julie has been the food columnist on the Calgary Eyeopener on CBC Radio One for 10 years, is the food editor of Parents Canada magazine and has regular columns in and writes for numerous publications, including SwerveAvenueWestern Living and City Palate. She co-hosted three seasons of the TV series It’s Just Food with chef Ned Bell, does food styling, and is perhaps best known for her award-winning food blog,, which documents real life in her home kitchen in Calgary with her husband, Mike, and 10 year old son, Willem. @dinnerwithjulie


Naddine Madell-Morgan

NaddineCalgary/Alberta Food Tours Leader and Owner of Quirk Girl Productions

Naddine is an actor, writer, director and producer when she is not being passionate about food. She wrote, produced and hosted the popular CJSW show “Spooning and Forking” and has accompanied Karen Anderson to India three times. Naddine shares a passion for local no matter where she might be globally positioned. @albertafoodtour @quirkgirl



DSC_7539Pierre Lamielle

Chef & Designer

Pierre is an award winning illustrator and a celebrated cook. He trained for food at the French Culinary Institute in New York City and is the author/illustrator of Kitchen Scraps: A Humorous Illustrated Cookbook, and Alice Eats: A Wonderland Cookbook – both of which took home Best Illustrated Cookbook in the World trophies at the World Gourmand Awards.

Look close, you might recognize him (without his beard) as a Chopped Canada Champion and the witty, but fierce contestant on Top Chef Canada Season 4. Combing his talents, he adds his visual sensibilities with his food knowledge and some bits of wit to create the original art for the shirts at  @foodonyourshirt

Reminder to all Participants

Check in at the Calgary Farmers Market at 8:30 am to pick up your registration package. City Palate, Yelp Calgary and the Culinary Race Team invite you to join us for coffee as we share some announcements about the race before you are off and running!

All teams must turn in their passports no LATER than 5pm at the Italian Centre Shop! Race Organizers will be tallying points and announcing winners.

Good Luck to all teams competing on Saturday!

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