May Bonus Clue’s Week 3

AmaranthGeneric_YLHFS_CMYKAmaranth Foods joined us for May Bonus Clue Week 3. Participants were given a lesson in fermented foods. Their task was to find one in the store, any fermented food and take a picture of it. If they didn’t know about fermented foods before, they sure do now!

Amaranth Whole Foods Market is proud to be a local Alberta-grown company! Founded in 1995 by Ken Klatt, Amaranth is dedicated to promoting healthy foods, nutritional awareness, and environmental responsibility through the products sold and the services provided.

At Amaranth, they respectfully support each customer’s unique wellness journey by offering the healthiest selections, wellness and preventative education, and knowledgeable service.

An eco-conscious, organically-rooted, sustainably-sourced company, they offer the finest in premium vitamins, foods-based supplements, specialty items, natural and gluten-free groceries and quality body care.



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