What’s In A Name

Plans are made and you have decided to join the adventure that is the Culinary Race. Next comes one of the most daunting tasks, what to name your team?

Coming up with a creative name for your team is completely personal but here are a few tip that might help set you on the path:

  • Don’t be afraid to do an Internet search to see what interesting team names people have used and use those as a starting point,
  • Use something you really like as your name base (a hotel, a drink, a movie, foods etc.) and manipulate it to include something culinary (think, May The Fork Be With You),
  • Rattle through your kitchen for strange or interesting utensils that you could base a name from,
  • Don’t be afraid that the name you are thinking of will be too silly, the funnier the better,
  • If the name makes you laugh it will most likely make other people laugh too, after all we are all fun like-minded people racing together.

There are so many fun options out there. Talk with your family and friends about it, having a brain storm session can produce great ideas you may never have thought of. Be creative and remember that a great team name can make you stand out during the race and can be the starting point for great race day costumes!

As a side note, last year we were team Tequila Mockingbird and this year plan to be team Half Corked!

Sending out creative juices to all the racers this year I am,

Your Everyday Foodie



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