Get to know our Sponsors: International Avenue BRZ


International Avenue is a vibrant business district with a diverse ethnic composition located on 17th Avenue S.E., from 26 to 61st streets, in Calgary. There is an interesting mix of business representative of the cosmopolitan neighbourhoods surrounding the Avenue.

It is an area of one-stop shopping with access to a selection of restaurants and grocery stores from around the world, as well as a wide range of other retail goods and services.

Over 425 businesses operate within the zone. Convenient free parking is available throughout the zone.

The Mission of the organization is to “promote, improve and create a more pleasant community in which to shop and live”.

The BRZ is achieving these goals by:

  • A maintenance program designed to clean the shopping district
  • Promotional/image initiatives
  • Special community events
  • The completion of an urban design plan and vision – approved at City Council, 2010
  • Plans for a sustainable community
  • A crime prevention safety plan – adopted
  • A pedestrian friendly approved comprehensive transportation policy – approved for funding 2014 and construction of the plan began in 2016. It will be completed in 2018.
  • An implementation strategy
  • A comprehensive community development plan
  • A variety of community partnerships
  • Land use changes
  • An incubation strategy and research for new business concepts
  • A development strategy
  • Arts and culture hub

International Avenue offers a very popular and long running “Around the World in 35 Blocks Food Tour” allowing guests to visit shops and food markets in over 5 continents in 35 blocks.

Registration is open for their Summer Tours. Visit their website at International Avenue to learn more about other events including Global Fest, the businesses, shopping, news and more!

Did you know International Avenue has an App?! It’s free and available on both iOS and Android. You can download it directly from the International Avenue website or search it up on your play store.


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