Public Vote for Best Team Name

Registration is closed and we have some of the best, most creative Team Names this year!

We’ve decided to have you help us choose a winner, to be announced on Saturday at Tool Shed Brewery and here later on, by voting for your favourite team name listed here!

Please leave your favourite team name in the comments below!

We will close the voting at noon on Saturday and tally votes to announce a winner at the Culinary Race Wrap Up!

Here are your Culinary Race teams for 2017!

The 3Es
Gordon Gals
Hangry Hippos
Seekers in Sneakers
Whisky Business
Drunkin Donuts
Team Tuna Corn
Turkey Turks
Okotoks Cove Crew
Nacho Bizness (formerly Hungry)
Gab Four
Raiders of the last plate
The Couch Potatoes
Smore than a race
Chefs Locos
The Mouseketeers
T & T
Half Baked Potatoes
Canadian Culinary Girls
The Three Amigas
Fork U
Keep Calm and Taste On!
Gemini tarts
Running Late
We’re kind of a BIG DILL
Nacho Average Burritos
Nutella Mockingbird
In it to GIN it!
A Couple of Couples
Magically Delicious
Creole Tapas
Green Eggs and Ham
The Keen Aubergines
Twisted Tortiere
Po-TAH-to To-MAH-to
Bitch Peas
Well Seasoned
Hugs from Thugs
The Two Kathryn’s
Chasing Unicorns
Down To Food
Drawing Dead
Sweet Dreams
Jalapeño Business
The Mighty Bites
Chopstick Warriors
Iron Brakes
So Hangry so Get In Ma Belly
Trailer Pork Girls

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