May Bonus Clue’s Week 1

For our Race this year we thought it would be fun to get everyone excited and in the mood for the Culinary Race by offering May Bonus Clues!

We had several interested food destinations and we are happy to share with you who our our Bonus Clues were for the month of May!

May Bonus Clue Week #1 featured restaurant Starbelly Open Kitchen & Lounge

A community hub in Calgary’s Southeast, Starbelly simply offers good food, exceptional wine and the feeling of being home amongst friends.

Chef Jonathan Sobol’s passion for locally sourced ingredients and home-style cooking is reflected through an ever-changing menu of seasonally inspired dishes. We work closely with local farms and producers, who provide us with lovingly grown ingredients to build every dish. Our beautiful dining room provides a casual space, where friends, family and loved ones can gather to enjoy all that we have to share.

Starbelly is open daily and available for events and private room bookings.Starbelly


May’s Bonus Clues

Registered Participants will be eligible to receive four bonus clues in May, one each week starting May 1st.

Clues and special identification passes will be sent to all registered participants. ID will be required at each food destination as proof of registration.

May’s Bonus Clues:

  • May Bonus Clues are an opportunity to gain additional points prior to Race Day.
  • All team members are required to participate in the task or be in the establishment with their team during the task.
  • Have a team name and shout it out on social media!
  • Race Participants will have from Sunday through Saturday to solve that week’s clue, visit the food location and perform the task required by the venue. Task and clue expires at midnight on Saturday of the week it was issued.
  • Non registered participants have until Saturday midnight to register to be eligible to participate in that weeks bonus clue. Those registering after midnight on Saturday will not be allowed to participate until the next bonus clue is released.
  • Participants can not complete clues after they expire. No points will be issued for clues or tasks completed after expiry and food destinations are asked to not honour the task once expired.Each bonus clue and task the participant completes in May (up to 4) will be counted as 2 bonus points each to be applied and confirmed by the Culinary Race Organizing Team to their overall score on Race day (for a total of 8).

Additional information will with specific details will be sent to participants who have registered for the race.