What is the Culinary Race?

We’re glad you asked.

On Saturday, June 11th, registered singles, teams of two or groups participate in an all day, City wide race against the clock taking them to all four corners of Calgary.

The first part of the race includes checking into the Calgary Farmers Market and picking up a registration package. From here teams will solve challenging scavenger hunt style clues, questions, teasers or puzzles to determine where they need to go.

Then it’s off to the races literally, to arrive at several locations and perform adventurous tasks with photographs for social media sharing. Books are stamped to confirm the task has been completed and participants race to the next location for more outrageous fun. With several locations scattered all over Calgary, racers will stay on the move as they battle to win first place. The day wraps up at the Italian Centre Shop as winners are crowned and prizes awarded.

Over 30 food related businesses and restaurants are joining in on the fun and each one is a secret location discovered only on race day by registered participants.

The Culinary Race kicks off at 8:30am the Calgary Farmers Market.

The day wraps up at 5pm sharp at the Italian Centre Shop.

Registration opens soon.


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