Culinary Race Clues & Answers 2017

Thank you for your patience! Please find enclosed the Culinary Race Clue List with Answers

1. Here you’ll find the world’s finest coffee equipment: Hario, Kalita, Chemex, and more. Eight Ounce Coffee

2. We have the largest tequila selection in Canada with over 200 tequilas! Anejo

3. This 1887 Pullman dining car restaurant was once the private business car for former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker and its a short drive from Calgary. Tweet the name of this restaurant, what monumental event they celebrated on June 1st and tag the location of the restaurant in your tweet. Show the Culinary Race Organizers to have your passport initialed. Aspen Crossing

4. The answer to this question refers to both what our building is made of (correct spelling) and the measurement for sugar in wine grapes. Bricks Wine Co.

5. Formerly known as Black Pig Bistro, this new pub currently occupies the same space. Bridges on First

6. This location is known for sharing a 48oz Tomahawk Rib Eye with family and friends. Briggs Kitchen & Bar

7. Look for the teal roof building in Inglewood. Cold Garden

8. What is a common crown? Common Crown Brewery

9. Since 1958 people have flocked to this Calgary institution in Kensington for it’s deep fried balls and fried chicken. Chicken On The Way – 14th Street SW

10. What spice does the Sri Lankan restaurant in SE Calgary have in their name? Cinnamon Indian Cuisine

11. Known for curing the widest selection of homemade meats in the city, this location produces just over 2,000 pounds of locally sourced, house-cured meats and sausages per month in over 50 different varieties. Cured YYC

12. Let your taste buds sing with a bite of Mozart in the form of a tort. If your confused try singing the song from the Sound of Music that features the Austrian national flower. Once you’re here we’ve got a challenge for you, post on our Facebook page an image of you in our European escape and enter to win a $75 shopping experience. Edelweiss Village

13. This International avenue restaurant opened in January 2016 and is known for it’s injera, no dessert menu and serves coffee in a clay pot. Ensira Ethiopian Restaurant

14. The definition of this NW cafe’s name: A state of intense happiness and self confidence. Euphoria Cafe

15. Tucked inside this oyster house, you’ll find a little shack serving up some of the most delicious chips, opens at 11am. Fish Shack

16. Where should you go in South Calgary if you want to eat Fit. Fit Kitchen

17. This newly re-opened cafe restaurant serves up meals like the MBF and Golden Calgarian. Grate & Barrel

18. What shape has six sides and shares the same name as a Board Game Cafe in Kensington? Hexagon Cafe

19. What German Sausage Shop which has been in businesses over 50 years in Calgary SE, has the highest quality meats and gourmet cheeses to go with your wine? Illichmann’s Sausage Shop

20. Find some cheesy goodness at the calgary farmers market at number 33. Janice Beaten Fine Cheese in the Market

21. This location moved from Royal Oak to 17th Ave earlier this year and serves up the true tapas of Spain. Las Canarias Spanish Paella and Tapas Bar

22. Don’t confuse us with the weather, we’ve got shopping and sweets – there’s nothing better! We’re serving up ice cream hand-crafted right in our Creamery in the largest mall in the city. Marble Slab Creamery Chinook

23. We’re hand-crafting REAL ice cream and fresh popcorn just for you. Hint: the name of our location is a combination of a Canadian telecommunications Company and a legendary aquatic monster in Scotland. Marble Slab Creamery & Poko Popcorn Shawnessey

24. We’ve got all your cravings covered! Salty & sweet snacks perfect for anyone. Are you on the hunt? Follow the popcorn smell just off Shaganappi Trail. Marble Slab Creamery & Poko Popcorn Market Mall

25. This neighbourhood gem proudly boasts 14 rotating craft beers on tap, 1 Rotating Nitro Line and 1 Rotating Sour Line. Midtown Kitchen & Bar

26. Finding this clue will be a treat, look for it where you get something sweet! I scream, you scream we all scream for our product that we hand-craft daily in our store. Come south, crossing the trail and you’ll see that on 130th avenue we will be. Marble Slab Creamery South Trail Crossing

27. More like Jay Z, Less like Sinatra. Modern Steak

28. I’m a treat and I’m sweet – a creamy dessert that can’t be beat! On a slab you can add some more mix. We’re on North West of town, just a foot from the crow. Marble Slab Creamery Crowfoot

29. This restaurant’s stuffed burgers were featured on ‘You Gotta Eat Here”. Naina’s Kitchen

30. Snickers, Skor and Reeses – oh my! Unlimited mixins are here, come give us a try! Just follow Sarcee trail to find the best on hills of South West. Marble Slab Creamery Westhills

31. The sweets in this little shop offer, parenthèse enchantée or an enchanted episode. Ollia Macarons & Tea

32. Eat me when you’re in emotional pain, I can’t numb your heart just freeze your brain. Come land in Aspen and we’ll slab your own creation. Marble Slab Creamery Aspen Landing

33. This new addition to the Kensington culinary scene gets its name from a u-shaped bend in the course of a river – which is fitting for its home within Calgary’s only Relais & Chateaux designated hotel. Oxbow – Kensington Riverside Inn

34. We are fresh made with 100% Canadian milk; served in hand-rolled waffle cones and you can add unlimited goodies on me. You can find me in the Hills of the North East! Marble Slab Creamery Coventry Hills

35. Shefali and Sharon are the sisters behind this popular Calgary business. Shef’s Fiery Kitchen

36. This location has been serving the residents of Calgary since 1989, and is well known for its outstanding food, value and reliable service. Skylark Restaurant

37. Globally Inspired Street food in Calgary. The Street Eatery

38. Roll on over to the city’s first brick and mortar shop offering 7 flavours of this special treat that hails from Thailand. Sweet Tooth Ice Cream

39. Another name for a hen house but you won’t find chicken here. The Coup

40. Our destination “experience involves your eyes, nose and taste buds” hint: curry The Curry Leaf

41. Fresh gelato 55 is made here. The Italian Store

42.What Bridgeland healthy eating restaurant sponsors athletes? The Main Dish

43. This restaurant is named after the beautiful neighbourhood we call home, and we are open for socializing! The Mission Restaurant

44. Which restaurant has a 12.5 x 15 foot olive tree. The Park Kitchen & Bar

45. This popular Southwest Calgary Flatbread Pizza Company sources local, natural and organic ingredients while providing many dietary options including; gluten free, dairy free, vegan, vegetarian & halal? The Village Flatbread Co.

46. Italian Street Food (14 Street location) Via Cibo

47. Sweet yellow house. Yann Haute Patisserie

Bonus Clue: Calgary Food Bank

Bonus Clue One (Canada 150): Every year, hundreds of Calgarians learn to ski and snowboard here. At a stone throw of the Guest Services Desk, warm beverages, snacks and sport accessories are sold. WinSport Canada

Bonus Clue Two (Canada 150): When the NWMP built their fort at the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers in 1875, they laid the foundations for the city we enjoy today. Fort Calgary

Bonus Clue Three (Calgary Food Trucks): The first food truck in Calgary to serve authentic salvadorian street food including pupusas, tamales, plantain empanadas. Find them on twitter to discover where they are parked. Quechivo Salvadoran Street Food Truck

Bonus Clue Four (Calgary Food Trucks): Both a food truck and catering company we offer tantalizing international “streatside” food here. Streatside Cuisine

Bonus Clue Five (Calgary Food Trucks): Calgary’s first food truck to offer tempting and tasty curries to authentic bodacious BBQ. Find us on twitter to discover our location for the day. Take It And Go









Congratulations to the Culinary Race Winners 2017 & all the teams!

This year a total of 147 points were up for grabs for Culinary Racers and some of those questions were hard, we get it!

Whether you were in it to win it or just to have fun, you all did amazing! Congratulations to all of you!

Here’s a list of the teams and the points:

Team Name Points
Gordon Gals 96
The Keen Aubergines 95
Creole Tapas 94
Corkdorks 89
Magically Delicious 89
Team Tuna Corn 87
Soup-A-Stars 85
Down To Food 83
T & T 83
MahHardin 82
The Mouseketeers 82
The Two Kathryn’s 82
A Couple of Couples 81
Nacho Average Burritos 80
Sweet Dreams 80
JeTs 79
Raiders of the last plate 78
#DoMah 77
Chasing Unicorns 76
Guava 76
Half Baked Potates 76
Fork U 75
Drunkin Donuts 71
Hangry Hippos 71
Okotoks Cove Crew 69
The 3Es 69
We’re kind of a BIG DILL 69
Chefs Locos 68
Iron Brakes 68
Po-TAH-to To-MAH-to 68
The Mighty Bites 67
The Three Amigas 66
Trailer Pork Girls 66
Bitch Peas 65
Raptor 64
The Couch Potatoes 64
Jalapeño Business 63
Turkey Turks 63
Canadian Culinary Girls 62
Gab Four 62
Nutella Mockingbird 62
In it to GIN it! 61
Pho-Sho 60
Well Seasoned 58
Pho-Reals 57
Pho-Shizzle 57
Whisky Business 56
Twisted Tortiere 55
Green Eggs and Ham 53
K2 53
Seekers in Sneakers 53
Kwokamole 52
Running Late 52
Hugs from Thugs 48
Gemini tarts 46
So Hangry so Get In Ma Belly 43
Keep Calm and Taste On! 30
Chopstick Warriors no show
Drawing Dead no show
Nacho Bizness (formerly Hungry) passport not turned in
Smore than a race passport not turned in

Public Vote for Best Team Name

Registration is closed and we have some of the best, most creative Team Names this year!

We’ve decided to have you help us choose a winner, to be announced on Saturday at Tool Shed Brewery and here later on, by voting for your favourite team name listed here!

Please leave your favourite team name in the comments below!

We will close the voting at noon on Saturday and tally votes to announce a winner at the Culinary Race Wrap Up!

Here are your Culinary Race teams for 2017!

The 3Es
Gordon Gals
Hangry Hippos
Seekers in Sneakers
Whisky Business
Drunkin Donuts
Team Tuna Corn
Turkey Turks
Okotoks Cove Crew
Nacho Bizness (formerly Hungry)
Gab Four
Raiders of the last plate
The Couch Potatoes
Smore than a race
Chefs Locos
The Mouseketeers
T & T
Half Baked Potatoes
Canadian Culinary Girls
The Three Amigas
Fork U
Keep Calm and Taste On!
Gemini tarts
Running Late
We’re kind of a BIG DILL
Nacho Average Burritos
Nutella Mockingbird
In it to GIN it!
A Couple of Couples
Magically Delicious
Creole Tapas
Green Eggs and Ham
The Keen Aubergines
Twisted Tortiere
Po-TAH-to To-MAH-to
Bitch Peas
Well Seasoned
Hugs from Thugs
The Two Kathryn’s
Chasing Unicorns
Down To Food
Drawing Dead
Sweet Dreams
Jalapeño Business
The Mighty Bites
Chopstick Warriors
Iron Brakes
So Hangry so Get In Ma Belly
Trailer Pork Girls

Making Your Mark

The date is set, you have registered your team with a great creative name and now its time to figure out how to make your mark on the race.

Obviously the biggest way to make your mark is to win but since only one team can actually win there are other great ways to make your mark during the race. Just think, you have already made your first mark with your team name, you have put thought and creativity into it so lets make the second mark you leave a costume!

A costume sounds kind of daunting I know especially with only one week to race day but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few quick and easy tips:

  • Think comfort, remember you will be getting in and out of a vehicle for most of the day. You don’t want to be in something that impedes your movement or race progress
  • Think t-shirts, they are a cheap and affordable way to make your team stand out, add some craft paint and glue some items on the represent your team name
  • Iron on transfers offer many options


  • wool strings and puff balls (spaghetti & meatballs)
  • corks or bottle caps


  • sparkles or sequins (bubbles from drinks)
  • use paint to make plain t-shirts into jerseys, put numbers and food names on the back and your team name on the front (puff paint works great for this)


  • Fabric cut out in shapes work great (last year the Dirty Martinis looked great!)


  • Hats, hats are an excellent way to create a costume, they are easy to take off when traveling and can garner some excellent attention. Again don’t be afraid to glue items to cheap hats or headbands that represent your team name,
    • plastic cutlery (may the forks be with you)
    • empty boxes or packaging
    • Drink stir sticks (think olives from a martini)
    • Plastic food items or toys
    • Construction paper (shaped to a hat can make a great pot)
  • Look into coveralls, try to stay light so think painters coveralls. You can get them cheap and a little paint on the back can transform you into a fun and easy to spot team
  • Add accessories, cooking aprons, chef hats, whisks, wooden spoons etc. things that are light and safe to carry but make sure they are not too expensive incase you accidentally leave them at one your race locations


  • Not the creative DYI type? Hit up the local party store you can pick up some great costume pieces like grass skirts, coconut bras, colour coordinated hats etc.


  • Lastly and above all remember comfortable shoes, you never know how far you might decide to walk between locations so forgo fashion here for a pair of shoes that you love and will keep you going all day!

If costuming really isn’t your thing there are other fun ways to leave your mark on the race,

  • Be friendly, don’t be afraid to talk to other teams, if you see them on the race road say hi and help to point them in the right direction, see how they are doing and talk about how things are going
  • Take the time to enjoy the race experiences, talk with the vendors, enjoy the samples, learn more about where you are and what they offer
  • Don’t be afraid to tackle silly challenges and make sure your social media accounts are ready to go, post, post, post! Take silly pictures, make videos, post funny comments and even a little friendly smack talk can be fun. Remember, the race organizers will be following all your moves on social media so take advantage of it!

Most of all remember to have fun no matter what else you do!

Hoping to help you all make your mark I am,

Your Everyday Foodie!

Culinary Race Rules 2017

In your registration package will be the Culinary Race Rules 2017.

We are sharing them in advance to give you a head start on your reading!

  1. Waivers must be signed by entire team before beginning Race and handed back to a Culinary Race Team Member.
  2. No pets allowed.
  3. The Culinary Race is not responsible for any parking fees or tickets you may acquire during the race so please drive responsibly and do not use your devices while driving.
  4. Please ensure you are wearing your Culinary Race ID Badge at every destination.
  5. It is recommended you do not bring children as some destinations are not child friendly and several tasks are +18.
  6. All members of a team are required to be present at the food destination for all tasks. If there are dietary restrictions any member can sit out of the task as long as there is one person able to complete it.
  7. Passports are to be initialed at each destination by an employee once the task is completed.
  8. All passports must be turned in to the Culinary Race Organizing Team at Tool Shed Brewery no later than 5pm.
  9. Please be respectful at all destinations, they are excited to be a part of the race and may be busy when you arrive!
  10. Have a great day, lots of fun and Good Luck! (mandatory)