Meet The Team – Bakersbeans

BLTrun with lettersWanda is a food lover who left Vancouver and moved to Calgary in 2000 in search of Alberta Beef. She started blogging in 2006 and took a reprieve from the corporate world in 2007 to hang out with her kids and focus on other things.

An avid supporter of local businesses and community in Calgary, she can be found organizing two food events annually, the Culinary Race & YYC Pizza Week, as well as writing, blogging and managing social media accounts for clients.

She loves to blog about food, wine, travel, her family and all things Calgary and Alberta.

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Twitter & Instagram: @momwhoneedswine (because sometimes we do)


Meet The Team – Food Mamma

lettuceFareen may very well be one of the last remaining born and raised Calgarians still living in Calgary. This original Calgarian has watched the food scene grow and explode in recent years with a strong farm to table focus and many talented chefs calling our city home.

From supporting local businesses at food events around town to cooking with her kids at home, Fareen enjoys sharing her love of food with everyone and brings this enthusiasm to the team.

About Fareen:

A wife, mom of two boys and blogger over at, this Food Mamma loves to blog about food, family, travel and life.

While not running after her 2 and 7 year old or puttering around in the kitchen, Fareen works on various web, social media and event/conference projects.

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Twitter/Instagram: @fareenjj



Meet The Team – Merry About Town

baconMerry and I have known each other for quite a few years. We first met at one of her Calgary Blogger Meet-Ups at ARCHEloft (formerly Endeavor Arts). I was just starting to network as a blogger looking to meet some like minded folk.

Merry and I starting working together in 2015 when I asked her to join YYC Pizza Week. It was one of the best choices I made in 2015 as Merry brought an incredible amount of experience, enthusiasm and knowledge in events and community to the team. Merry has since become a managing partner of YYC Pizza Week and someone you want to have working with you.

A lifestyle, travel and food blogger at Merry About Town, Merry’s blog shares real life stories about love, fun, recipes, parenting, challenges and all things Calgary.

More About Merry:

Merry Kuchle claims foodie, blogger and mom as just a few of her titles. Since moving to Calgary in 2004, she’s made supporting local and becoming a part of the Calgary community a priority. You can read all her foodie and travel adventures over on and on the follow social media channels:

Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram at @Merry120

Meet the Team – City Palate’s Janet

BLTrun with lettersJanet brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and events planning to the team. She is a mom like the rest of the team and a Brand Manager with City Palate.

Janet is a food advocate, adult educator and business and communications strategist. Her love of food comes from her Saskatchewan roots and time spent in England and Japan, where food and farming were part of her work. Her love for agriculture was sparked while studying ethno botany at Purdue University, quite a departure from her University of Victoria business degree.

Over the span of her agri-food career, she has pioneered a number of agri-food initiatives from the launch of the Canadian Culinary Tourism Committee to the development of the Canadian Language Benchmarks, a guide to help new Canadians, who often find one of their first jobs in the manufacturing sector, safely work on the job. She is the chair of the Calgary Food Committee, currently assessing the food system in Calgary with a view to developing new municipal policies and bylaws to encourage greater supply and access to local food.


Meet The Team – Heather’s EATS

tomatoHeather has participated in food related treasure hunts in the past and brings this knowledge and experience to the team.

A well known blogger, writer and food lover in Calgary, Heather is a passionate team member who will be sharing her past treasure hunting experiences with us over the next couple of weeks, and quite possibly be giving some insight on how to play the game.

Watch for posts from Heather for possible insider tips!

About Heather:

Heather loves everything from a perfectly brewed cup of coffee to an eight course tasting menu with wine pairings. She enjoys sharing this with her husband, her son, family and friends. Nothing makes her happier than a good meal in the company of friends.

You can read about her adventures at Heather’s EATS, Eating and Tasting Stories,, and follow her on social media:

Facebook: Heathers Eating and Tasting Stories

Twitter: @heathers_eats

Instagram: @heathers_eats