Congratulations to the Culinary Race Winners 2017 & all the teams!

This year a total of 147 points were up for grabs for Culinary Racers and some of those questions were hard, we get it!

Whether you were in it to win it or just to have fun, you all did amazing! Congratulations to all of you!

Here’s a list of the teams and the points:

Team Name Points
Gordon Gals 96
The Keen Aubergines 95
Creole Tapas 94
Corkdorks 89
Magically Delicious 89
Team Tuna Corn 87
Soup-A-Stars 85
Down To Food 83
T & T 83
MahHardin 82
The Mouseketeers 82
The Two Kathryn’s 82
A Couple of Couples 81
Nacho Average Burritos 80
Sweet Dreams 80
JeTs 79
Raiders of the last plate 78
#DoMah 77
Chasing Unicorns 76
Guava 76
Half Baked Potates 76
Fork U 75
Drunkin Donuts 71
Hangry Hippos 71
Okotoks Cove Crew 69
The 3Es 69
We’re kind of a BIG DILL 69
Chefs Locos 68
Iron Brakes 68
Po-TAH-to To-MAH-to 68
The Mighty Bites 67
The Three Amigas 66
Trailer Pork Girls 66
Bitch Peas 65
Raptor 64
The Couch Potatoes 64
Jalapeño Business 63
Turkey Turks 63
Canadian Culinary Girls 62
Gab Four 62
Nutella Mockingbird 62
In it to GIN it! 61
Pho-Sho 60
Well Seasoned 58
Pho-Reals 57
Pho-Shizzle 57
Whisky Business 56
Twisted Tortiere 55
Green Eggs and Ham 53
K2 53
Seekers in Sneakers 53
Kwokamole 52
Running Late 52
Hugs from Thugs 48
Gemini tarts 46
So Hangry so Get In Ma Belly 43
Keep Calm and Taste On! 30
Chopstick Warriors no show
Drawing Dead no show
Nacho Bizness (formerly Hungry) passport not turned in
Smore than a race passport not turned in

Public Vote for Best Team Name

Registration is closed and we have some of the best, most creative Team Names this year!

We’ve decided to have you help us choose a winner, to be announced on Saturday at Tool Shed Brewery and here later on, by voting for your favourite team name listed here!

Please leave your favourite team name in the comments below!

We will close the voting at noon on Saturday and tally votes to announce a winner at the Culinary Race Wrap Up!

Here are your Culinary Race teams for 2017!

The 3Es
Gordon Gals
Hangry Hippos
Seekers in Sneakers
Whisky Business
Drunkin Donuts
Team Tuna Corn
Turkey Turks
Okotoks Cove Crew
Nacho Bizness (formerly Hungry)
Gab Four
Raiders of the last plate
The Couch Potatoes
Smore than a race
Chefs Locos
The Mouseketeers
T & T
Half Baked Potatoes
Canadian Culinary Girls
The Three Amigas
Fork U
Keep Calm and Taste On!
Gemini tarts
Running Late
We’re kind of a BIG DILL
Nacho Average Burritos
Nutella Mockingbird
In it to GIN it!
A Couple of Couples
Magically Delicious
Creole Tapas
Green Eggs and Ham
The Keen Aubergines
Twisted Tortiere
Po-TAH-to To-MAH-to
Bitch Peas
Well Seasoned
Hugs from Thugs
The Two Kathryn’s
Chasing Unicorns
Down To Food
Drawing Dead
Sweet Dreams
Jalapeño Business
The Mighty Bites
Chopstick Warriors
Iron Brakes
So Hangry so Get In Ma Belly
Trailer Pork Girls

Culinary Race Rules 2017

In your registration package will be the Culinary Race Rules 2017.

We are sharing them in advance to give you a head start on your reading!

  1. Waivers must be signed by entire team before beginning Race and handed back to a Culinary Race Team Member.
  2. No pets allowed.
  3. The Culinary Race is not responsible for any parking fees or tickets you may acquire during the race so please drive responsibly and do not use your devices while driving.
  4. Please ensure you are wearing your Culinary Race ID Badge at every destination.
  5. It is recommended you do not bring children as some destinations are not child friendly and several tasks are +18.
  6. All members of a team are required to be present at the food destination for all tasks. If there are dietary restrictions any member can sit out of the task as long as there is one person able to complete it.
  7. Passports are to be initialed at each destination by an employee once the task is completed.
  8. All passports must be turned in to the Culinary Race Organizing Team at Tool Shed Brewery no later than 5pm.
  9. Please be respectful at all destinations, they are excited to be a part of the race and may be busy when you arrive!
  10. Have a great day, lots of fun and Good Luck! (mandatory)

Tips & Tricks from Past Winners

Champions should always retire on a high note. As 2016 winners of not just Culinary Race but the Culinaire Treasure Hunt, Team Statler and Waldorf (the cantankerous and opinionated Muppet critics) are doing just that, opening the door for a new champion to emerge.

Many people wondered – how can you possibly win both events? I am sharing with you tips and tricks to take our place on the podium in 2017.

First and foremost, have a game plan. The key is to have a strategist and an executor on your team. Take the time to answer all the clues at the start location. Make sure to read all the foodie publications Calgary puts out every month year round to stay on top of the food news. Put Google to work to hammer out the details and write down location addresses. Write clearly!

After your list of stops is complete, organize your destinations into segments of the city. Choose a strategy of outskirts to inner city, busy areas in the morning or whatever works for you.  Just create your own organized map and hope that all of your answers and addresses are correct! Backtracking from the far NW to the SE is like a 10 second penalty in a 100 metre sprint – it will keep you off of the podium.

The next detail is to choose who is driver and who is navigator. It will help when one of you knows faster routes in case of construction delays and good (free!) parking spots. Do not speed or perform any other illegal traffic act – the cost will negate potential earnings.

It is also prudent to point out that it helps to have no fear. Confidence and a few kitchen skills come in handy when faced with tasks.  Be aware of your team’s individual skills – who is best with a knife and who knows their booze best.

Last but most important, embrace the day and appreciate the time and effort all of the vendors have put into participating. Have fun, stop for photo ops and remember to keep supporting these businesses long after the crumbs settle.


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Photos from the Culinary Race 2016

iPhone sept 2016 016

iPhone sept 2016 015

iPhone sept 2016 014